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THRIVE Programme 

Discover what’s truly important to you in your life, gain more time, more focus and more enjoyment in your day to day life 

Thrive Programme - Individual coaching by Orla Scott

Is This You? 

Do you lack focus in your life and find yourself spending time on things that don’t motivate you or hold your attention? 
Are you tired of responding to everyone else’s needs and ignoring your own? 
Do you wonder where the day has gone and what you have achieved? 
Do you get anxious that life is passing you by and you’re not getting the most out of it? 
Do you feel you are constantly on a ‘hamster wheel’ with little control? 
Do you want to spend more time with those in your life who really matter but find it’s a struggle to fit them in? 
Do you compare yourself to others and feel unfulfilled and unsuccessful? 
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How To Change Your Story 

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Over six sessions with my THRIVE programme of one to one support, understand the key goals that are going to move your life forward in easy to manage stages. 
Get more control over your time and schedule by focusing and prioritising with my unique set of workbooks that make it easy to make significant changes. 
Genuinely understand and prioritise what’s important in your life with the aid of manageable projects 
Pay attention to what really energises and resources you and start living your life on your terms 

What You Will Achieve 

Feel that you are in control of your life 
Spend time doing things that you are really passionate about 
Feel a real sense of achievement at the end of the week and enter into the following week feeling refreshed and resourced 
Let go of that sense of anxiety around what others are achieving and understand what’s important to you and concentrate on that. 
Step off the hamster wheel and spend your time and energy on achieving your goals and stop living by other people’s expectations of you. 

Discover my 5 Day Re-set Challenge to recalibrate your life 

‘Take the opportunity to re-calibrate and re-set your life. Understand how you can help yourself to find balance, focus and prioritise the key areas that will make a difference to how you live your life in 5 easy stages’. 
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Inner Compass' workshop on ‘Resilience’ was one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in recent months. 
"Attending Orla Scott’s (Inner Compass) workshop on ‘Resilience’ was one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in recent months. A very well timed and well-designed facilitation, which allowed participants to delve into new territory on professional and personal levels. The tools (Resilience Dynamic & Engine) and energy trackers, reviewed within the session allowed great insight. The session also enabled some useful takeaways for the group to digest and apply in a practical way within their day to day work as well as in support of their line managers." 
Deirdre O’ 
I have no doubt that our time together empowered me with a greater capacity to cope with these challenges. 
I re-joined the workforce within the last year. I expected the experience to present challenges but I was wholly ill-prepared to deal with the events that transpired. I was very fortunate to learn about Orla Scott and the inspirational work she does. 
Orla gave me invaluable insights and how to work on the challenges I was feeling threatened by at work. I have no doubt that our time together empowered me with a greater capacity to cope with these challenges. 
I am truly thankful that our paths crossed and I am certain I have developed skills that will serve me well long into the future. 
Ellen Mc 
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