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A Little Bit About Me and My Approach 

I am absolutely passionate about encouraging each person’s inner wisdom and integrity, thereby encouraging them to understand both their professional and personal purpose. Through a process of discovery, I can support you in diagnosing, mastering and crafting practical solutions to ongoing questions and challenges. My special areas of organisational interest are Team Dynamics, Resilience and Conversational Intelligence. Over the last 20 years as Global Head of HR Management, I led a number of key projects on change management, cultural transition, HR strategy and communications. I was heavily involved from a people management perspective, in the acquisition of Pioneer Investments by Amundi Asset Management and was a member of the global executive coaching panel of Unicredit Bank. I led many systemic team coaching interventions with Investment, Compliance, Audit and Operations functions. 
For individuals who are interested in working with me, I specialise in Neuro Linguistic Programming methods, which is specifically designed to ensure significant breakthroughs and insights and supports ongoing behaviourial and mindset shifts. As a Coach with over 15 years experience and as a Coach Supervisor for the last 5 years, I am passionate about the ability of individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential by understanding human behaviour and neuro science concepts. My practical and authentic way of working with companies means that they achieve impressive results which saves time and money and increases engagement and motivation levels. 


I get it……………it can be challenging to address issues in our lives, personal or professional. You may think, ‘there is no one out there who understands what I need’. You might think ‘ I’ll be judged as ‘less than’ or not being professional, or not able to cope’. This is truly not the case. I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years who believed the same thing. I believed it myself when I started my own development journey. They are now thriving! They have discovered what they really want to focus on and they are leading fulfilling lives, just as you will, by working with me. 
You may also think that it will be expensive to put right. Yes, It will take an investment, that’s true……….a commitment of time as well as money. However, the rewards more than compensate for the initial outlay, for getting your life back. 
I want you to know, I am genuinely committed to your outcomes and aspirations. This means really understanding your key challenges. I want to help you identify solutions which concentrate on ‘below the surface issues’, so that you can get outstanding results. 
For organisations I move beyond, team and leadership development and concentrate on what is going to equip your team to be Leaders for the New Humanity. Where teams and leaders are going to have the skills of collaboration, co-creating solutions and genuinely be able to answer the complex questions within their industry on future performance. 
Get in touch below and let’s start a conversation about your future. 
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I particularly enjoy working with ambitious organisations and individuals who understand that by harnessing the potential of both individual leaders and employees, they can build a culture of participation and purpose. 
This means that the size of the organisation is not a defining factor but is more related to the ability of the company, either large or small, to understand that by working collaboratively, they ensure success, engagement and increased performance. This outlook ensures that whether you are a large blue chip company, a small enterprise, or an individual, I believe that by working with me, you can achieve increased performance, deliver on ambitious goals and discover what it means to live with a genuine sense of purpose. 
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My Professional Experience and Qualifications 

I have worked across many sectors over the last 20 years including financial services, academia, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and not for profit organisations. I have a Masters in HR Management and Strategy, I am a qualified Coach through Life and Business Coaching Academy of Ireland (2003) qualified Coach Supervisor (Kingston College – 2009) Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP 2007) Certified Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ 2017) and Certificate in MBrain Techniques (NLP Institute 2019) 
My career started in the voluntary sector working with the Central Remedial Clinic in Dublin, a specialist centre for children and adults with physical disabilities. My work with non profit organisations was also supplemented by my work with the Women’s Council, specialising in projects which concentrated on national service provision, innovative products and blended learning access. 



ensures that the strategy and culture of the organisation are aligned to the outcomes required and the structure, systems and processes fit this purpose, for sustained performance and profits. 


are ideal for companies seeking to develop individual talent, build their leadership and succession pipeline and encourage diversity of approach, where individual skillsets and competencies are enhanced and encouraged. 


concentrate on an effective way of achieving higher performance and results, by concentrating participants efforts and learning, to solve problems in innovative and creative ways, thereby encouraging accountability for final results. 


concentrates on personal and professional potential and exploring behaviour, beliefs and mindsets so that outcomes the individual wants for themselves are identified, explored and achieved. 


concentrates on working with teams and through a series of structured processes covering stakeholder analysis and highly participative team exercises, to ensure the transition from normal team to high performing team, with the ability to deliver improved performance and ambitious business goals. 
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