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My services concentrate on delivering both personal and organisational effectiveness through practical processes and tools. I achieve this by working with you in the following bespoke Programmes each designed to achieve your goals. 



ensures that the strategy and culture of the organisation are aligned to the outcomes required and the structure, systems and processes fit this purpose, for sustained performance and profits. 


are ideal for companies seeking to develop individual talent, build their leadership and succession pipeline and encourage diversity of approach, where individual skillsets and competencies are enhanced and encouraged. 


concentrate on an effective way of achieving higher performance and results, by concentrating participants efforts and learning, to solve problems in innovative and creative ways, thereby encouraging accountability for final results. 


concentrates on working with teams and through a series of structured processes covering stakeholder analysis and highly participative team exercises, ensures the transition from normal team to high performing team, with the ability to deliver improved performance and ambitious business goals. 

My services concentrate on delivering both personal and organisational effectiveness through practical processes and tools. I achieve this by working with you in the following bespoke Programmes each designed to achieve your goals. 

Change and transformation 
Manage the challenge of mergers and acquisitions 
Design and implement new strategy 
Instigate a culture of achievement 
Understand the organisational culture and the subtleties of what makes a truly inspirational 
and a high performing culture 
Consider the implications of large scale change 
Address significant industry changes and deploy global strategy 
Dealing with ambiguity 
Increase leadership effectiveness 
Provide an integrated approach to leadership development 
Develop accountability and share expertise to leverage higher performance 
Move towards fast, effective and efficient execution 
Prevent leadership burnout and engage top talent 
Decrease turnover 
Save time and money 
Increase and improve leadership capabilities whilst managing complexity 
Increase levels of trust and co-operation 
Build resilience and encourage and create well being at work 
Build high performing cross functional team with the ability to operate remotely 
Tackle conflict, low trust and communication issues 
Develop new team agreements to address higher performance 
Increase team effectiveness 
Improve collaboration by removing silos and cross functional rivalry 
Build strong communication skills and standards at all levels within the organisation 
Build resonant relationships at all levels both internally and externally 
Align communication systems and ways of operating that deliver on business strategy 


Achieving your goals begins with paying attention to how you “show up” to your life and leadership every day and understanding this from multiple perspectives. 
I will be your trusted partner, guiding you into resonance in all areas of your life. Through an incredibly powerful coaching process, that will inspire you to take an honest look at yourself and your life, face your fears, release old energetic patterns, and find the motivation to step boldly and joyfully into your future. Through this process you will discover new and more effective ways to approach life, you will discover more about who you are. You will learn how to listen to the callings and live your true purpose, both professionally and personally. You will develop practical tools and skills that can help you to reach your greatest potential and make a difference in the world. 
My philosophy is built on both support and challenge. Support in making long term transformational change but also meaning that we challenge perceptions, behavior, beliefs and attitudes. This can be uncomfortable, and in some cases, overwhelming, as patterns of thought and behavior are challenged ‘brick by brick’. However, the results are overwhelmingly positive. 
By digging deep, individuals discover hidden parts of themselves which allow them to increase performance but also enhance their life experience and sense of self. By working deeply with each client, I ensure they are equipped to resiliently deal with challenging goals, setbacks and complexities. What they discover about themselves can bring great joy and fulfillment and this where individuals transform both personally and professionally. 
It is a process of discovering your own authentic and powerful presence and harnessing that energy into breakthrough, positive action and success. 
There comes a moment in our lives when we are challenged to re-examine who we are, what we’re doing and why. Life events can disrupt and herald a need for change; how we listen and respond to this moment determines our relationship with ourselves and others. It is here we ask the deeper questions of why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? What is my purpose? How can I make a difference? 
Just imagine deeply knowing the answers to those questions and knowing them so clearly that you can begin to live in alignment. You feel alive and have the clarity to live your greatest potential. 
The result is a clear focus and direction for your life going forward. My unique approach helps organizations and individuals to fulfill their purpose through the development of authentic team leaders, aligned teams and a conscious culture of collaboration. 
Many clients seek coaching during times of change, in order to get non judgmental support that produces their best thinking and decision making. In practical terms, coaching is typically a short-term intervention designed to give an individual the support needed to achieve the next level of self mastery and/or a specific goal. The process of coaching is generally future focused and provides an ideal thinking environment for receiving unbiased feedback, reflection and planning. 

Typically coaching can encompass work in the following areas 

Executive Leadership Enhancement 
Performance Improvement 
Enhancing Communication & Relationships 
Career Development or Transitioning to another role 
Interview Preparation for Succession Pipeline 
Change Management 
Team Lead Coaching or Project Team Preparation 
ONE TO ONE COACHING concentrates on personal and professional potential and exploring behaviour, beliefs and mindsets so that outcomes the individual wants for themselves are identified, explored and achieved. 
Whether you are training to be a coach or have been coaching for a number of years, the importance of having a robust frame of reference for the work you do with coaching clients, is core to your professional integrity and ongoing development. 
I provide coaching supervision which ensures that (a) your clients are being provided with strong coaching practice (b) you explore your own development and ways of practicing and are challenged on the core psychological frameworks underpinning your work and (c) that you keep up to date on ethical standards and are open to new approaches and coaching frameworks. 
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