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Become an inspirational leader 

Birds in flight forming an arrow formation. Team Leadership by Orla Scott

Is This You? 

Are your team wasting time and money focussing on the wrong things? 
Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure on where to start to genuinely make changes for the better in how your team operates? 
Do you wonder how you can make the most of each team member’s expertise and unique contribution? 
Do you feel they don’t understand or lack clarity on targets and objectives? (even though you’ve communicated them many times…) 
Do they escalate problems to you without trying to solve them independently? 
Do you want to be an inspirational leader with high impact but you’re not sure where to start? 
Hands in together. Team Coaching by Orla Scott

How To Change Your Story 

Book a consultation 
Develop a tailored plan for your team that will provide focus, commitment and outstanding results in six easy to manage areas. 
Learn how to be an inspirational leader who builds loyalty, trust and who leads their team with integrity, impact and innvovation through a series of enjoyable projects. 
Discover a cost effective and impactful way of making changes within the team and encouraging them to be collaborative with each other. Find solutions to drive the business forward by understanding how human brains work. 
Through a focused and manageable plan find more time, more control and more focus to concentrate on our key priorities as a leader with an easy to follow ‘Leadership Plan’ 
Team Work, people working together in the office. Team Leadership by Orla Scott

What You Will Achieve 

Develop a team that focuses on priorities and what will drive the business forward 
Lead a team that collaborates and communicates well 
Lead a team that embraces change and is creative and innovative in finding solutions 
Know that you manage a team that is happy, engaged, motivated and has a long term future. 

Discover my Top Ten Tips for Being an Inspirational Leader! 

Find out the key steps that Inspirational Leaders use to engage, motivate and build collaboration in their teams! 


My conversations with Orla had a profound and lasting positive impact ..
"Orla’s deeply attentive listening and incisive questions led me to a lightbulb moment in understanding the changes I needed to make to my own behaviour and activities to truly harness the power of my global team and to improve my own effectiveness as a manager. My conversations with Orla had a profound and lasting positive impact on me professionally and I would highly recommend her." 
it was such a privilege to witness coaching at its best by a true professional. 
"Orla thank you so much for being a wonderful coach and acting as my supervisor. I was really impressed how you “got” me and understood even before I did the issues and challenges I needed to work through. 
Apart from listening to me you gave me excellent guidance in ways to improve my own practice. I will be forever grateful to you for the introduction to the Brene Brown talk on the power of Vulnerability. 
Finally it was such a privilege to witness coaching at its best by a true professional." 
Fiona O’S 
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