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Are You Open to Being an Inspirational Leader? 

Flock of Birds flying in same direction - The Power of Team – Orla Scott, Team Leadership Coach

Is This You? 

Are your team wasting time and money focussing on the wrong things? 
Do you feel overwhelmed on where to start to genuinely make changes with your team? 
Do you wonder how you can leverage on each team member’s expertise and unique contribution? 
Do you feel they don’t understand or lack clarity on targets and objectives (even though you’ve communicated them many times…) 
Do they escalate problems to you without trying to solve them independently? 
Do you want to be an inspirational leader with high impact but you’re not sure where to start? 
Hands forming a pattern of togetherness - Collaborative Intelligence – the power of sharing knowledge, Orla Scott, Team Coach

How To Change Your Story 

Book a consultation with a Team Leadership Coach Expert 
With the support of an Expert Team Coach, develop a tailored plan for your team that will provide focus, commitment and outstanding results in six easy to manage areas. 
With dedicated Team Coaching Expertise, you will learn how to be an inspirational leader that builds loyalty, trust and leads with team with integrity, impact and innvovation through a series of enjoyable exercises. 
Discover a cost effective and impactful way of making changes within the team and encouraging them to be collaborative with each other and find solutions to drive the business forward by understanding how human brains work. 
Your Team Coaching Facilitator will design a focussed and manageable plan with you and you will find more time, more control and more focus to concentrate on our key priorities as a leader with an easy to follow ‘Leadership Plan’ 
Team writing down priorities - Prioritising Team Action Plan – Orla Scott, Inner Compass, Maximising Team Potential

Just imagine how things will be when………….. 

Your dedicated Team Coach supports you to develop a team that focus on priorities and what will drive the business forward 
Team Coaching knowledge means you will lead a team that collaborates and communicates well 
You will learn to lead a team that embraces change, are creative and innovative in finding solutions, by working with an expert in team coaching 
You believe that you manage a team that are happy, engaged, motivated with a long term future. 

Discover my Top Ten Tips for Being an Inspirational Leader! 

Find out the key steps that Inspirational Leaders use to engage, motivate and build collaboration in their teams! 


Inner Compass' workshop on ‘Resilience’ was one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in recent months. 
"Attending Orla Scott’s (Inner Compass) workshop on ‘Resilience’ was one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in recent months. A very well timed and well-designed facilitation, which allowed participants to delve into new territory on professional and personal levels. The tools (Resilience Dynamic & Engine) and energy trackers, reviewed within the session allowed great insight. The session also enabled some useful takeaways for the group to digest and apply in a practical way within their day to day work as well as in support of their line managers." 
Deirdre O’ 
Orla created an open friendly environment that I felt comfortable discussing my own personal resilience. 
"Working in HR, it’s not often we take time out to attend a workshop. Given my personal situation and the professional environment I work in, this topic was of particular interest to me. Right from the outset, Orla created an open friendly environment that I felt comfortable discussing my own personal resilience. 
The pre-work materials were easy to compete - I found the ‘Energy Tracker’ in particular very useful. It helped me reflect back on the last 12 months and track my 'spikes' of energy which was very interesting. The workshop helped me understand the links between stress, performance, resilience and wellbeing and provided me with some practical tips to help manage my wellbeing and to be able to coach others." 
Deirdre M 
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